An elegant, powerful, and affordable method to deliver tandem skydiving images and videos to your customers.


Customer impressions matter, especially in the age of digital content and social media. The sooner a tandem skydive passenger can receive their media to share on social media, the better. delivers your customers media into their hands almost immediately after their jump, which improves your customer experience and greatly expands your marketing potential.


Freefall Video is an online tool for Dropzones that allows the customer to rapidly receive their pictures and video following their skydive, which they can then watch on their mobile device and instantly share their experience on social media before they even leave the Dropzone. This process is quick and easy with just 3 easy steps:

  1. Drag the customers pictures and video over onto the application
  2. Enter the customers name, and either cell phone number or email address.
  3. Hit Go, and within minutes your customers will have their media.
Pay as you Go Monthly Unlimited (Non-Turbine DZs) Monthly Unlimited (Turbine DZs)
$3.00/Customer Upload $100.00/month - Unlimited Customer Uploads $150.00/month - Unlimited Customer Uploads


For your staff, and for your customers.
Unpaid media can be watermarked with your dropzone name until payment is recieved online via credit card or PayPal®, with no additional fees. Compatible credit card processors are Stripe®, Trans National®, and
Built to with sharing in mind. Your customers can easily share their skydiving experience to social media, including Facebook®, Twitter®, and Instagram.
Built with mobile use in mind especially for those customers that no longer have a computer to plug a flash drive into.
Half the cost of a flash drive and much more powerful.
Built in technology to allow uploading on slow internet connections.
Upload either pre-edited video from Final Cut Pro® or Vegas Pro®, handcam video, or pictures.
Reporting that works for Skydiving. See how many uploads are being made on a daily basis, best performing videographers, upselling statstics, and more!
Drag and drop the raw video footage into the application, pick your music, and the final version will be automatically cut, edited, and produced. (Coming Soon, Early Access Available)

Slow Upload? No Problem!

Rapid Upload Appliance

In the event your internet upload speed is less than 20 megabits per second, we will send you a pre-configured server appliance. This appliance will sit on your network and interact with your local upload stations at local network speed to improve the uploading process to our servers. Instead of tying up your computers during a slow upload, the video is instead uploaded to our appliance, and then re-uploaded to our servers with a proprietary compression technology as bandwidth allows.

Pay as you Go
Monthly Unlimited

*Does not include optional onsite setup time and travel expenses, if requested.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a "Customer Upload"?
    A customer upload is the media from a customers experience on a single day. This includes pictures, outside video, and handcam video. There is no additional charge for uploading multiple files.
  • Can I upload edited files?
    Absolutely! If you re-edit the customers media, simply search for the customer and re-upload it to their jump record for that day. There is no additional charge for re-uploading.
  • How will we be billed?
    After your risk free trial, you will be asked to enter a credit card for monthly billing. Renewals are on the first of the month. Dropzones on a "Pay as you Go" plan will be auto-billed for their previous months usage. Dropzones preferring to pay by check may do so if paying in advance.
  • Which plan makes sense for me?
    Easy! If your Dropzone averages over 1200 tandem skydives per year that include either handcam or outside video, Monthly unlimited is the best pick. If your Dropzones averages under 1200 tandem video skydives a year, Pay as you Go is a better choice.
  • Can we switch plans?
    Yes you can. Pay as you Go plans can be upgraded to monthly plans. Monthly plans cannot be automatically downgraded to Pay as you Go plans, however 'Off Season' rates are available.
  • Are discounts available to multi-DZ operations?
    Do you operate more than one location? If so, discounts are available! Please contact us today to find out more.


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Phone (International): +1-312-216-8700